How Many Movers Do I Need?



Picking your crew size is an important part of your move, you want to make sure you have chosen the most efficient and affordable crew while at the same time ensuring that the manpower will be enough to complete the job. We have outlined the crew sizes and their main functions below, if you have additional questions feel free to give us a call at 407-541-7597 or use the "contact us" form below. We typically email you back within 15 minutes.


2 Mover Crew

This is our most common crew size and is chosen for more than 65% of our booked moves. A 2 Mover Crew is an efficient and affordable option for loads and unloads up to 26' and can handle most

common household items. You should consider a three or four mover crew if you have any items over

250 pounds.


3 Mover Crew

A 3 Mover Crew is a useful option if you have a larger than normal move (26'-40'), if you have extra heavy or awkward items, or if you have unique site variables such as stairs or a long carry.

 If you're on a tight schedule you may want to consider a 3-Man Crew as opposed to a 2-Man Crew to get the job done faster.


4 Mover Crew

Our largest crew, the 4 Mover Crew is used for

extremely heavy items and for very large moves. A 4 Mover Crew can also be very useful in unique situations like third floor apartments or extreme long carries to help fight fatigue.